Fire protection and hygiene sensors

Intelligent solutions for air ducts in industry and trade

Our SCANFOXX sensor technology helps companies drastically reduce their downtimes, shutdowns, and air duct cleaning intervals.

We automate inspections for hygiene and fire protection, record them digitally, and automatically optimize them.

The by Scanfoxx,
add value to you!

Scanfoxx means:

  • No unforeseen downtime and the associated costs
  • Reduced costs for maintenance work
  • Ideal control and automation processes
  • Optimal safety for your building
  • Automatic hygiene and fire protection control
  • Optimal and longer cleaning intervals thanks to cleaning by section.
  • Reduced emissions and energy saved
  • Digital proof for supervisory bodies

We achieve this through:

  • State-of-the-art sensor technology with digital recording
  • Digital upload of data to the cloud via GSM module
  • Automated checks for deposits in air ducts
  • The integrated pre-warning system for fire protection to provide early preventive warning of dangerous deposits
  • Many years' extensive experience as an expert for hygiene in ventilation and air conditioning systems

graphic display

The sensor signal is displayed via a signal light at the installation location and the data can subsequently be visualized on a PC or smartphone.

The automatic retrieval of data means that no visual inspection on-site is necessary.

Download instructions

You can download our assembly and operating instructions here. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email including the PDF right away. PDF.

Humer Peter

Certified hygiene manager/appraiser for hygiene in ventilation and air conditioning systems

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